Wireless Charger Not Working & How to Fix Charging Issue?


Technology has taken all over the world. Now there is a digital and technical solution to every problem related to digital devices and others. At first, charging was a big issue. It was not easy to levy the mobile with a charging wire. But thanks to the latest technology that has introduced wireless chargers for the comfort of mobile users. Many smartphone companies have implemented wireless chargers such as iPhone and Apple for the cordless world. It sounds cool and convenient as everyone wants this, but practically it has taken off most users. Every mobile is not compatible with wireless chargers. Today we will talk about the problems that Android mobiles face.


Who Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless chargers are the sources to charge the mobile without any cable. It has electromagnetic induction for charging Android mobiles. This process has inflated coils inside the charging pads. The electromagnetic field inside the charging pad generates the power that charges the battery of the Android mobile. In the last few years, Qi wireless charging pads are famous for smartphones. These are for Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google. It is the easiest way to charge phones without the need to plug them into outlets. According to research, 29%, of people use wireless charging pads for recharging of mobiles.

It is an annoying situation to have a half-dead or mostly dead battery of the phone. You may forget to charge your mobile due to any reason. In all these situations, it is good to have a wireless charger. But charging with a wireless charger is slow as compared to that of the direct outlet.


There are also certain conditions when the phone does not support wireless charging and is unable to get charged. The second is maybe your phone is not connected accurately.

The Ways To Fix The Charging Issue:

You can fix the issue by acting in the following ways. You can need to check the reasons why your phone is not getting charged with a wireless charger.

First, you need to check whether the current is flowing through the wireless charging pad or not.

Then check if the charging pad is connected to the power source or not?

If your mobile phone is not flashing while placed on the charging pad, it means your phone has no vivid connection with the charging pad.

So try to connect the Android phone to a power outlet.

If your phone did not show a notification or message about charging, change the spot of the mobile on the wireless charging pad.

Try to charge the phone after removing the casing. Although the wireless can charge the mobile phone with the cover, certain phones have a metal casing that may cause intermitted charging.

It will be better to wipe off the back of the Android mobile. Clean the surface of the charging pad also. Sometimes a layer of dust or debris also disturbs the charging pattern.

Plug your phone with another charger or wired charger to check if it is charging there or not? You can also plug in a USB charger if you do not have a wireless charger. If it is still not charging, then you need to concern the mobile technician. The fault may be in your phone.

To check if the wireless charging pad is working accurately or not, place another Android phone on it. Check it is charging or not? If not, the wireless pad is out of order.

Before this, restart your phone. Certain phones start working after applying the restart force.

Some software does not support wireless charging. So update your phone for wireless charging.

If the phone is not charging after restarting and updating the software, then the final solution is to reset it. It will lose your data, but you can back up the data. But it might resolve your problem related to charging.

The conditions if the wireless charger is not working & precautions:

 If the phone is not charging, it does not mean your phone is the default. There may be some issue with the wireless charger. So you must check your charger also.

Your wireless charger should be connected directly to the wall socket for charging. These come with LED indicators that show the charging status. It helps to indicate the problem.

For proper working of the charger with Android or iPhone mobiles, your charger should be Qi-enabled.

Some phones only work with Qi-enabled wireless chargers.

Avoid connecting the phone with a USB or using any other app on it during charging. It will also stop charging the phone.

These steps will help you better to understand the charging issues and to solve them.