How to Convince Your Friends to Get a Standing Desk Converter


Standing desk converters are new types of office furniture that’s gaining in popularity. More and more workers are getting the hang of them and are incorporating them in their workspaces at home and in the office. For some, the prospect of having to stand during the day as you accomplish your tasks sounds too tedious. But for those who are now using this new furniture, they’re easy as pie. In fact, many might even argue that standing while working is a lot better than sitting. It’s been medically-proven that this new practice actually holds a host of health benefits, both for the mind and body.

If you’re one who uses a standing desk converter, you’re sure to have experienced its benefits yourself. So much so that you’d want your co-workers to feel the same. But what if they’re skeptic about it? Well, here are what you can do and show to them to convince them of getting a standing desk converter.

Organize your Desk Work Area

Perhaps the first benefit your co-workers will see when you’re using a standing desk converter is how organized your work area will look. Because of the new compartments and the extra space, you’re more able to put certain supplies in places where they won’t bother you nor would they disturb your work. When you’ve filled up all your desks with paperwork, supplies, and other knick-knacks, your standing desk converter will give more than enough room for other materials. And when you have a neat and more organized desk, you’re bound to work faster and better and the results of such can also convince your co-workers to get a desk converter for themselves.


Increase your Productivity  

Standing while work actually keeps you motivated and energized to work more, faster, and better. As opposed to just sitting, where you’re prone to getting bored and even sleeping. When you increase your productivity at work, you’re bound to get noticed by your superior. This can lead to a promotion, a raise, or possibly even both. This will only further prove that using a standing desk converter can greatly impact one’s career. As long as your own productivity levels are increased and improved, this will eventually convince your co-workers that maybe getting one for themselves will be a good idea.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Since standing while working will keep you energized, it’ll also be easier to maintain a sunny outlook throughout the day. Even when you have so many tasks to accomplish and the responsibilities given to you hold so much weight, you’re more likely to keep a positive attitude when you’re using a standing desk riser. In the corporate world, a happy employee, even despite such heavy workloads, is a rare sight to see. Now, since many workers are opting for standing desk converters, this once rarity is becoming more common and increasingly popular. That smile on your face is more than enough to convince your workmates to do the same.

Be more Mindful of Other People

When you’re just sitting down during the work day, you’re more prone to getting inside your own bubble. Your primary focus to complete all your tasks, and in turn, you’re not aware of what’s happening with the people around you. You didn’t know that the man to your left accidentally broke his computer. Or that the woman to your right just got promoted to a different department. These changes can affect your work as you might rely on one or both of them to accomplish your own responsibilities. But by using a standing desk converter, you’re more aware of the on-goings in the company, and you can tell the others that they’ll feel the same way when they get their own as well.

Socialize Better

A social employee is a happier employee and a standing desk converter can help you with that. When you’re standing while working, you’re more able to walk around and see what’s going on with your co-workers. You’ll find out that the secretary who was pregnant just gave birth, or that the accountant’s first son just graduated high school. It’s these little tidbits of information, as well as the camaraderie in the office, that can help you form better relationships with people that are integral to your career. If your other co-workers see that you’ve formed more and better friendships since you started using a standing desk converter, you can color them convinced.

Maintain a Trim Figure

Immobility is unhelpful to your physical fitness. When you’re just sitting around all day, doing your work, you don’t get to maintain a trim figure. But with a standing desk converter, you’re more able to exercise in your work area even while you’re accomplishing your tasks. If you have to write an article, you can do so while doing some squats. And what’s stopping you from jogging in place while you’re encoding? At the end of the day, you’ll feel better and look amazing. And once your fellow employees see how well you’ve maintained your figure while using a standing desk converter, expect to see more of them in the company in the coming days.

Take Better Breaks

Standing while working doesn’t necessarily mean you’re literally just standing all day. From time to time, you can take breaks by sitting down, walking around the office, or chatting up a workmate or two. As compared to when you’re sitting down, since you’re in a comfortable position, taking a break might lead to feel lazy and even sleep. Taking breaks between tasks are easier with a standing desk converter, and are vital to conserve your energy and promote better mental stability. Your co-workers might not even realize how many breaks you can take while using the desk converter, and this is just another tidbit you can share to further convince them to get one.


Finally, a standing desk converter will help you relax more. It’s easier to condition your mind that you don’t have to be in a hurry and let go of the pressures of work. You’re simply accomplishing your tasks for the day. A relaxing day at work is relatively difficult to achieve, but once you do that, and your co-workers see it, they’ll be more or less convinced of the benefits of using a standing desk converter.

Share the benefits of standing desk converters with your friends by exemplifying its many benefits. Once a lot of you are using them, you all might find that the business will operate better.