Reasons To Consider Making Switch To An Electric Vehicle (EV)

EVs are being considered as the future of the automobile industry, but is this a good time for you to make a switch to an EV? Are you confused between the reliability of your old gasoline-powered car and the new-age EVs? Here we list out 5 top reasons to consider switching to an EV.


  1. EVs are soft on our climate

Electric Vehicles are a solution for our ever-increasing environmental pollution. Although, the power used to charge the EV is manufactured somewhere polluting the environment. Still EV’s help in reducing the greenhouse gases emitted by conventional internal combustion engines (ICE). As of date if we fully electrify the entire US transportation sector, it would be enough to cut greenhouse gases by almost 30%.

Nitrogen oxide that is emitted from the exhaust of ICE is a major reason of respiratory illness and damage our lungs. EV’s don’t produce any such byproduct hence are sustainable in the long run.

  1. Low Running Cost 

Switching to an electric vehicle, in the long run, will save you between 60%- 70% of what it will cost to run the traditional ICE vehicle. EV has very few parts as compared to ICE, therefore requires much less maintenance and repairs over its lifetime. This will save you lots of time and money.

EVs can be charged from the normal plug, at your home overnight. Residential rates of electricity are generally economical in off-peak hours (Night) compared to daytime charging or charging outside. You can save money by charging your EV overnight at home. This makes a strong reason to consider making the switch to an Electric Vehicle (EV)

  1. Safety 

Few would argue that safety is a concern in EVs. But do you know? It is essential for EVs to clear the same safety tests as mandated for ICE vehicles. Also, as a matter of fact, more models of EVs score higher safety ratings than ICE vehicles. Being powered by electricity, they are at lesser risk of fire.

  1. EVs are silent and reduce noise pollution

The only moving part in the EV is the shaft. The only noise felt inside the cabin is that of wind resistance and the tire movement on the road that too on high speed. These vehicles are virtually noise-free when compared to an ICE. These are so silent that they are virtually unnoticeable by pedestrians. In many countries, it is being considered to deliberately add noise in the vehicles to help pedestrians notice the approaching vehicles and reduce chances of mishaps.

  1. Better handling and performance

In the ICE the power generated by the engine reaches the wheels after a series of moving parts perform a task. A good amount of energy is lost in the process due to friction and other resistance. But in an EV the power is directly given to the wheels by the motor. This helps in providing instant torque and is faster off the line. Another factor is improved handling due to the low center of gravity. The battery pack of an EV sits on the floor lowering its center of gravity and providing higher stability. These vehicles are lesser prone to overturning on curves at higher speeds.


EVs are a futuristic technology. With the government pushing for sustainable green energy-based technology, the EVs are here to stay and you will witness a great amount of innovation in this field. From a decade ago the EV’s have come to a long-distance, from a range of about 80-100 km now they are able to clock up to 400 km on a single charge. The dependence of Fossil fuel will slowly get reduced for a greener, healthier tomorrow. A good reason for you to contribute to the environment is to make a switch to an EV.

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