What Are Your Rights As An Employee?

There are a lot of people who do not know their basic rights as an employee, when it comes to work. This is something that should not only be reserved for lawyers; everybody should know their basic rights. All of the information is freely available on the internet, so there is no reason why anybody should not know their rights, whether you currently have any issues with your employer, or not.

Pay and your Rights

Everybody who is entitled to work in Australia is covered under employment law, which stipulates a minimum wage, and a set level of working conditions. Your employer must provide you with certain things, such as payslips. These need to cover a range of information, and is a breakdown of your pay, which is being compensated for the work done.

  • A Gross Amount – The total amount your earn before deductions
  • A Net Amount – The total amount paid to you after deductions
  • The Date of Payment
  • The Period that the payment covers
  • The amount of hours, or days, worked during the payment period, including overtime

If this you are not currently receiving this from your employer, or details are wrong on your payslip, you must address this with your employer immediately. If you are a member of a trade union which covers your profession, then you may wish to speak to your representative, as well as your employer.

What Are Your Rights As An Employee

Knowledge that you need to know

There are also things that your employer needs to confirm with you, in order to meet the employment laws of Australia. Information that you are entitled to is as follows;

  • The amount that you will be paid
  • What the working hours are
  • The working conditions
  • Break times
  • Your status of employment – Full Time, Part Time, Contractor or Casual Employee

This is all pertinent information that you are entitled to, and will not only help you to work better, but also plan the rest of your life around your job. Your status of employment will have a big effect on what you are entitled to from your employer, so you will need to have this clarified first if you are unsure.


You will also need to make sure that your employer goes through the proper training with you before you start work. This will need to include things such as fire escape routes, meeting points, fire extinguishers and hose locations, designated safety officer, who is first aid trained, and any other health and safety training which may be required within your workplace. This is to ensure that you have been trained fully so are capable of working safely, within a potentially dangerous environment.

Getting Help

If you are confused with all of the information that you find on the internet, and are not covered with a union, you may be wondering where you can go for help. There are agencies which you can approach for free legal advice, and if in doubt your local council should be able to direct you to one that is local to you. There are also lawyers all over Australia who may be able to assist you if looking for Melbourne lawyers, Norwicki Carbone, specialize in personal injury and employment law so will be a good choice to assist you. But that is only as a last resort, you have to speak to your employer and follow the proper steps first, as taking your employer to court may mean that your working environment may change considerably.

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