Website Analysis for an Annual APK of Your Website

website analysis is recommended for the annual APK of your website. Do you regularly check your website to be able to assess whether your website still meets all the requirements?

Website analysis as a gauge of your website

Perhaps your website has been online for a while, an occasional request or response comes in and you think the results are pretty good. Are you not satisfied, does your website generate little or no turnover, and is the conversion actually to cry? Then a website analysis can clarify what this may be. With a targeted website check, your website is checked for various checkpoints, so that this can display the state of affairs as a gauge.

Why is a regular website analysis essential?

Suppose your new website has just been online for a few weeks, but you are not really satisfied with the result and you doubt whether your target group can find your website. What then? In such a case it is very useful to carry out a website analysis (or have it carried out), to assess your website, and to highlight the points for improvement. Then you immediately know why your (new) website does not bring in new customers or does not live up to your expectations.


Checkpoints at a website APK

With a website APK, the following points of attention are checked by BusinessSteps:

  • Total audience attraction
  • SEO and online findability in Google
  • The marketing orientation
  • The power of the web texts
  • Internal link building
  • Whether the right calls-to-actions have been put in place
  • The quality of the (matching) photos

Have a website check performed

It is best to have an extensive website analysis carried out by an external professional. Especially if you want to have your website assessed on multiple points. Your own web builder or webmaster may not be the right person to analyze your website. After all, he or she has built your website and is mainly focused on the appearance, technology, and functionality and not on target group targeting, SEO, and conversion optimization.

How does Google rate my website?

Google attaches increasing importance to websites that clearly make an effort to properly inform their (potential) customers with relevant topics and valuable content. SEO optimization is still important to rank higher in Google, but an attractive and conversion-generating website requires more than just the right keywords and calls-to-actions. Ultimately, it is all about the overall picture and appearance of your entire website.

A website analysis at least once a year

So keep these tips and advice in mind and have a website analysis performed at least once a year. It is also not wrong to measure the results achieved 3 months after your new website is online and to have your entire website and SEO checked. This way you immediately know where you can make improvements. After all, a website is never ready, but just like a CV, it is always subject to improvement.