The New Path for Complete Document Solutions – Ricoh Copiers


A copier is a machine with the function to copy documents on paper in large volumes. It has a flat piece of glass and takes paper individually through feeders. It then records an image of the document and prints its duplicate. Copiers yield different paper sizes depending on the model. Some copiers create color prints whereas some deal with black and white.

Different types of copiers are as follows:

  • Analog: These are the old type of copiers and are prone to mechanical failure. These machines are not used today because it is very difficult to find the parts and support in the market.
  • Digital: A digital copier is a multi-functional device that has the capability of not only making copies but also fax, print and scan. It performs various office functions. These machines have high paper capacity and these are easy to operate apart from their advanced features.
  • Mono: They are called monochrome as they use only black toner. They are mainly used in offices. These copiers come with a variety of capacities that vary from low to high volume. Some of its models can copy hundreds of pages per minute.
  • Color: These copiers are multi-function devices that produce colored copies. They can also print in black and white. Colored copiers have 4 drums and 4 cartridges. The machine makes use of four primary colors Cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. All these different colors are mixed to make some other color.
  • Multifunctional: This type of copier can perform various functions apart from copying. They can perform the following functions: printing, scanning, and faxing. Some of the latest models even have internet access and the user can install personalized document management software. Thus, they are the archiving and document print management tools for the office.
  • Desktop: They are small, space-saving copiers that are mostly designed for A4 papers.
  • Network: This type of copier can be connected to your office network to allow remote printing. It can also be used for PC faxing.


Things to keep in mind while choosing a copier

Several factors that need to be considered while choosing a copier:

  1. Determine the volume of copies required each day
  2. Printing speed is to be considered because the improved and new range of models has a speed between 3.5 to 7.5 seconds
  3. Additional features have the ability to cut costs. Various multi-functional machines include image editing features, wireless connectivity; bigger built-in hard drives for storage of the documents, touch screen controls, better security, and less operational costs.
  4. Graphic capability: Models with graphic capability ensure high resolution along with color management using five color controls.

Extensive lines of high-end Ricoh copiers are available in the market. Ricoh copiers are simple to use, with easy networking capability and very few maintenance requirements. The company is also famous for its best customer support.

Features of Ricoh copiers

  1. Copies in full color can be made
  2. Stamps can also be printed on the copies. Stamps include scanned images, dates, page numbers, and background numbers
  3. Color tone and image quality of the copies can be adjusted
  4. Copy image can be reduced or enlarged
  5. These copiers help in saving paper by copying multiple pages on single sheets
  6. Copy can be done on different papers: OHP transparencies and envelopes
  7. The optional finisher allows the user to sort, staple, and punches holes in the copies

Locked print feature in Ricoh copiers

The locked print feature allows the users to send a printing job to the queue. The document is not printed until the user enters his credentials for the document at the physical Ricoh copier. This feature is recommended for printing sensitive documents.

So these are the types and Features of Ricoh copiers. If you still want to know more then visit here to get more information about copiers.