Start a Blog? 8 Tips For Creating a Blog


If you want to start a blog, you will have to blog regularly. Writing a blog is not the hardest part, but what do you have to take into account everywhere? In this blog 7 tips to start a blog.

Starting a blog isn’t that hard, right?

Because more and more entrepreneurs and freelancers are aware that they have to spread their knowledge, tips, and advice via weblogs, more and more entrepreneurs are blogging. Blogging is the way to lead multiple visitors to your website faster and to delight them with your knowledge about your field.


How do you create a blog?

First, take some time to think about the following:

  1. Your goal for starting a blog: What do you want to achieve with this, is it sharing information, transferring knowledge, getting readers to take action, etc. Clearly define the goal for yourself and don’t start writing randomly, before you clearly your goal to start blogging. In other words, the SMART
  2. The target audience you will be writing for: What is your target audience looking for? We are the problems you can solve, what added value can you give to this, give away free tips and advice. The better you know your target audience, the better you can tailor your blogs accordingly.
  3. Topics that interest your readers: Write for your visitors, not for yourself. So immerse yourself in the interests of your target group and think about what they would like to read more about.
  4. What actions do you expect from the reader of your texts? What do you want the readers to do after they have read your blog? Do you want to direct them to one of your services? Then include at least one link to one of your services or products at the end of your blog. However, make sure that it does not become a commercial blog, but a blog with valuable content!
  5. Are you going to make a separate weblog for this or will you integrate your blogs within your own web environment? You can of course start a separate blog, but many entrepreneurs integrate their blogs within their own website. This partly depends on your own objectives, the topics you write about and how this relates to your own services.
  6. Can you maintain a certain frequency when creating a blog? Starting a blog and writing a blog regularly does require the necessary investment of time. If you want your blogs to be widely read and to get a group of interested readers and build brand awareness, you will need to schedule blog writing.
  7. Through which media channels are you going to distribute your blogs? Putting a blog online on your website is done in no time, but it is the intention that you regularly distribute the blogs via various social media channels, in order to maximize the reach. So think in advance which platforms you are going to use that will bring your blogs as a ‘postman’.
  8. The keywords you will use to make your blogs easy to find. A blog without the right SEO is like a fish in a pond full of the same fish. Your blog ‘swims’ somewhere in between, but can’t be found. So make sure that you already know, preferably before you start writing, which keywords your blog should be found for. Then incorporate the right keywords in the header, titles, and content.

If you have read these points when starting a blog and the answers are clear, you can start a blog. To make it easy for yourself, you can already list the topics you want to blog about for the first two months. Then determine the frequency of your blog and stick to your overview. In this way, you will be able to build a growing group of enthusiastic readers.

Determining blog topics

What is the best way to determine a list of topics for your blogs? You can read more about this in determining blog topics.

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