Social Media Freelance Networking

The impact of internet growth and the resulting advances  in social media networking, have redefined both our business and personal lives in recent years. More and more we find that the two worlds, once so individual, are edging closer together, blurring the once-sharplines of division.

Once such example of this is in the freelance sector. Unlike ‘traditional’ corporate businesses, the freelance economy is based on a more fluid, personal approach, promoting individual talents and strengths. This is exactly what social media does best, giving a platform for fast-paced changes, instant notifications, easy searches and quick responses.

Social Media Freelance Networking

By using social media as a base, you enter into a world where big businesses and individual freelancers exist together on an equal footing. This knocks down the walls of cold, unapproachable, corporate companies and creates a more welcoming environment, with enormous possibilities for both employer and employee.

The ease of which contact can be made is a major factor here. Whereas once, you would have to look at stuffingendlessCV’s in envelopes, you now send an email. Instead of searching through mountains of printed publications, you search online. In fact the open nature of online social media means that the freelance market is growing at an enormously fast pace and shows no sign of slowing down.


Along with the increased opportunities for making new contacts, comes the ability to view other profiles. This gives the individual a distinct advantage, allowing them to see their direct competition and to improve their own profile accordingly. Knowing what you are up against in the business world, provides a great incentive to invest in yourself and your image. Remember, time spent on social media branding is never wasted and can lead to repeat business in the future and increase in word-of-mouth recommendations.

Being presented with such a world of online opportunities can be a very empowering experience and can enhance both your profesional outlook, as well as your personal growth and confidence. Client recommendations, positive customer reviews and impressive contacts can all work in your favour in the world of freelancing.


The demand for freelance work has always been relatively high but is often notoriously hard to come by. However, with the flexibility and availability of work on social media platforms, this is changing rapidly. The speed and range of data that is shared on a daily basis is unlikeanything ever known before. People no longer talk behind closed doors, they make the most of every opportunity, sharing information and opinions on a huge scale. This can only increase the future potential of freelance work and as demand grows, so will the online workforce.

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