Personal Branding – The 5 Tips You Need to Know


How do you distinguish yourself from your target group, customers, and clients?

To be well found in the market in which you operate, it is essential to distinguish yourself well, but in practice, many entrepreneurs or professionals have difficulty with their personal branding. You too? Perhaps these 5 tips for personal branding can help you on your way.


5 Tips For Personal Branding That Make You Distinctive

 Tip 1

Make sure you first have a complete picture of your target group and which “problem” you want to solve. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can translate it into what your target audience is sensitive to. You then build your own personal brand around the needs and wishes of your target group, so that you increase your appeal enormously. The clearer your brand, the better the match!

Tip 2

Don’t think too much from yourself, but involve your customers and clients in setting up your brand. How do they see you, what attraction do you have to them, why did they go into business with you? You may not have a clear picture of this yourself, so just ask. You can then build on this and make your personal branding stronger

Tip 3

Look for those distinctive emoluments that make you think: “yes, that’s me”. Everyone can enter the market in a distinctive way because you are also unique, but the art is to translate this in the right words to your target group. Especially if you are a coach or trainer, you really have to do your best to think about this in-depth, if necessary with the help of a

Tip 4

Make sure that you give an unambiguous picture of yourself and preferably a strong niche in all your (online) communication expressions, website, blog, marketing, acquisition, and social media accounts. You want to be found on that and you have to work with it. This may mean that you have to make certain changes and see every year whether you are always working on the same image to the outside world.

Tip 5

From experience with my own customers, I know how difficult it is to become a brand and to distinguish and profile yourself in the right way. My hands are itching to help you with this. Otherwise, schedule a personal brand session with me and you can fully work on your own personal branding!