Incredible Bandung Attractions

In every year, visitors come to Bandung from all over the world to have memorable experience with the attractions there. Whether it is from the food, gorgeous view, or shopping center, you will always get the exquisite atmosphere from Bandung attractions. If you do not know yet where Bandung is, it is a West Japanese capital city in Indonesia. As people know, Indonesia is a country which has a large number of amazing views and attractions. One of the cities that have various attractions is Bandung. There are many things that you can do whenever you come to visit Bandung. Located in among three mountains, this city is known well for cool weather which makes it feel similar to the higher altitude places. Also, it is a city that people know as ‘Paris van Java’ since it has rich heritages from the fashion style that you can find in many shopping centers there. Bandung is also popular with its amazing culture and arts which you can see from many sites such as Bandung attractions nightlife, sightseeing views, and many more. With thousands of tourists visit Bandung in every year, then what you have to see in this city?

Incredible Bandung Attractions

There are some destinations for your Bandung attractions plan when you are in a vacation.

  • The Crags of Hawu Mountain. This mountain can be your best plan ever if you are a mountaineer or want to feel a different atmosphere from a mountain. This place is the best thing ever to do if you are looking for an amazing sunrise views since Hawu Mountain boasts such a fantastic spot where you can see the sun rises in the morning to greet the earth. What is better from it? You will be able to watch the sunrise from a hammock that is hanged in between 2 towering cliff sides. It challenges your adrenaline, right?
  • The Lodge Maribaya. You will always get the satisfaction when you experience with the nature sightseeing. All you can see in nature is such an incredible views; but, how about experiencing with nature while having fun with the natural and adventure camp there? This place is the right decision when you are trying to adventure your nature experience such as trekking activities.
  • The Farm House. Located in Jalan Raya Lembang, this Farm House is a new recreation place which many people love to come there. The style of this place is European-styled that will spoil you with the European looked-like buildings. There is also Hobbit House that is a reminder about the movie of The Lord of the Rings where you can get the entertaining and the educational things.

Bandung is one of the best places to visit when you are in Indonesia. This city offers you so many kinds of attractions and amazing views that you can see to know that Indonesia has various and rich arts, cultures, and natural beauties. What is to do next? Explore your incredible vacations in Bandung and create memorable moments with people around!

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