How To Light Up Your Home In a Power Saving Mode


One of the best ways to cut off your costs related to lights is by using it only when you need. In short, simply put off the lights when you don’t need them. It is very simple and easy to follow and at the same time sounds intelligent. It is true that we need sufficient amount of light for proper visibility but there is no meaning in increasing the lighting above that point. So for better, light your home according to your requirements. You can also find lots of amazing deal and offers at Dealslands for your home lighting needs.

Here in this post, I have shared some lighting tips that will help you to light up your home efficiently.

Go for task lighting

This simply means using focused lights when and where required. It may be on your reading table, kitchen counters, bathrooms, work desk, etc. You can use bright lights with low wattage to reduce power consumption. Moreover, this type of lighting reduces glare on TV, computer and tablet screens and produces a warm and intimate atmosphere. Make sure that the light is adjustable and is out of your eyes.


Use lights based on function

Remember that each and every room in your home has a different purpose and so they need different type of lighting. The best example is your bathroom. You don’t need to flood your bathroom with lights.

When it comes to the bedroom, lights installed on the both side of the mirror will help to shave better or apply makeup.

Similarly, when we talk about the hallway, they are not frequently used. So low and warm lights are best for that space.

Some better lighting measures

It is recommended to paint the walls with light paints so that it reflects more light. You can even increase the light in the room by going for big windows.

You can make the room look brighter and bigger by using reflecting surfaces. This can be achieved by using bright cushions, white furnishings, mirrors, glass tables, bowls, etc.

Removing or re-arranging the furniture in the room will help to make it look bigger and increase natural light in the room. Moreover, this process reduces dark corners and shadows too.

Use LED lights

The best way to save on your power is by going for LED lights. Till some time back, many people avoided this option as these lights are comparatively costly. Reduced rates of these lights have now made them affordable. Still it is now possible to save more on LED lights by simply using Currys discount codes for 2016. Moreover, these lights help to save 90-95% energy compared to the normal incandescent bulbs and have long life too.

When you are looking for LED lights, make sure to check it properly before buying. Again, avoid buying cheap and poor quality lights as they will not deliver the desired results.

It is true that no one wants to spend more energy and pay hefty bills. Making some changes in your lighting will definitely help you with this task. So follow the tips mentioned above and save on your energy bills wisely.