How to Fix Facebook Comments Not Loading?

Facebook is a popular social media network, attracting more than 2.45 billion users every month. However, the application sometimes gets smaller because many users have reported issues such as “Facebook comments not loading“.

We thought of doing some research on this and came up with some solutions to the problem mentioned above. Truth be told, this is quite annoying when you can’t see the comments, because it prevents the sole purpose of the platform, namely networking with people.

There are a number of reasons why Facebook comments may not load properly. Here are some of them:

  • Admin has disabled comments on the post.
  • You have an Internet problem that prevents comments from loading.
  • Caching issues with your browser
  • The Facebook app is not up to date.

Why Are My Facebook Pages Not Loading?

Sometimes Facebook pages may not load at all. Sometimes, a simple update to the Facebook app can help. But if the update doesn’t work, what should you do next?

Many factors can affect the functioning of a Facebook page. Here are some possible solutions that can help with FB pages and other related questions:

  • If you’re using a mobile device, make sure it’s connected to a trusted data network or Wi-Fi. If not, try again when you find a more stable connection.
  • If you are using the Facebook app on mobile, close it, and open it again.
  • If you are using a computer, refresh the page and try again. Alternatively, try closing and reopening your web browser.

The problem may be related to the version of the Facebook app again. To prevent page loading issues, you can try updating Facebook. The Help Center is a useful place to refer to all questions related to FB and its features.

Also, there may be a problem if your page includes restrictions by country or age. To view the page without logging in to your Facebook account, remove all restrictions by country and age. For him:

  • Log in to your account and go to the page.
  • Click Settings at the top of the page.
  • In the General section, click Country Restrictions, then save X and change next to a specific country.

facebook comments not loading properly solution

  • Click Age Restrictions, select All (13+), and click Save Changes.

Why Can’t I See All the Comments on a Facebook Post?

If you do not see a comment on a Facebook post, it may be a policy move, not a mistake. Sometimes, the Facebook administration itself may temporarily suspend certain actions, such as writing comments if:

  • Their security system considered any publication suspicious or inappropriate.
  • People have flagged messages.
  • The account violates their community standards.

The duration of the block depends on the severity of the violation. The Help Center is a great place to better understand community standards. You can check the relevant questions in the help center of Facebook to find the appropriate solution.

How Do I See All My Comments on Facebook?

The comment functionality is present in almost all social networks, and Facebook is no exception. If you wish, you can leave your thoughts as a comment below the post, using the web version or the Facebook app.

In fact, comments are the backbone of Facebook as a social network. In the absence of comments, the platform will honestly lose its sole purpose.

All comments are recorded in a separate user log. Let’s see how we can see all the comments on the Facebook post.


In the new Facebook web version, click on the down arrow icon in the rightmost section -> Click on Settings & Privacy -> Activity Log




In the mobile version, click on the hamburger button -> Settings -> Activity



Log in to see your recent activity logs, including comments on your recent posts.