How Do You Scrap a Car

When a car gets to the end of its useful life, there are options of getting some money from it. Scrapping an old car can be a tough decision to make. Some people decide to sell old cars privately, this could be difficult. One can make some money on the car by scrapping it. If one decides to scrap the car, it is good to ensure that it is done legally and that the car will return its value.

There are several reasons why one should scrap a car:

Recycling Purposes

Scrapping the car means that all the metals and materials that made the car are recycled and reused. This consequently means a better environment because there will be no need for new manufacturing materials.

Scrap a Car

Pollution Reduction

As the car ages, the more pollution it causes to the environment. Scrapping the car means that it will be replaced by a greener and newer model. Secondly, things like the tires and batteries that could be harmful when binned off are disposed off properly.


Scrapping the car will definitely earn the owner a few dollars. It should be done with a reputable and legitimate scrapping company. All one should do is give the log book to the company and ask the company to scrap the car. Doing research to get the legitimate companies is advised. The company should have a license to avoid legal fines.

So how does one scrap a car?

Most of the companies that deal scrapped cars dismantle them themselves and sell the different parts. The car is carefully dismantled to avoid pollution, and the individual parts are sold as they are.

One needs to get a DVLA Certification of Destruction. The certificate gives proof that the vehicle is recycled. The car should not end back on the road, so it is good to ensure that one is free of ownership of the car. Ensuring that a certificate is legitimate is crucial because there are many fakes on the market.

Getting a scrap car collected is critical too. If the car wasn’t taxed and insured, one needs to make arrangements for a scrap car collection to avoid breaking the law by driving the vehicle. This could land someone in a police cell. One should not pay for a company to collect the car either.

One should buy or renew the tax disc for the car to be scrapped. The tax disc is generally the license of the vehicle. It can be applied and paid for on-line if the following requirements are met;

    The vehicle is insured

    The DVLA has the correct name, the vehicle details, and the owner’s address

    The owner is the registered

    The vehicle contains a MOT

Other ways to apply for the tax disc is through the tax disc contact number. The tax disc number can be also used for inquiries. A tax disc can also be collected from a post office. Following these steps not only ensure that the law is followed, it also ensures a green environment.

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