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5 Best Dog Ear Cleaner in UK



Having pets is the loveliest feeling in the world. People who have pet dogs know well how loyal they are. If you have a dog as a pet, you know that it will require attention and care. They need much care regardless of their health. The cleanliness of the dog is vital. There are many best ear dog cleaners in the UK for a pet that will relieve them.

Most of the owner frequently asks, “Can I clean my dog’s ear”? The answer is yes, you can. You may do it at home regularly. It will protect your pet from infections. Many products in the UK market will help you to take care of your beloved dog’s ears. But before moving towards the cleaning products, let’s see the causes and symptoms of ear infection.

Best Dog Ear Cleaner in UK

Symptoms of Ear infection in Dogs:

If the following symptoms appear in your pet dog, it means it is allergic or has a sore ear problem.

If it is shaking its head constantly or itching the ears, then the dog may have any issue in its ears.

If the ears look sore, red, or have swelling

Leaking of pus or wax from the ears

If a worse smell comes from a dog’s ear

Loss of balance

If the symptoms are not severe, you can treat them at home via ear cleaner, but if chronic symptoms appear, then show the dog to the vet.

Causes of the infection in dog’s ears:

Following are the main reasons that may lead to ear infections in dogs. These reasons can cause a painful condition in dogs.

Bacteria or yeasts:

The bacteria or yeasts present in their sitting place may cause ear infections in the dogs. Ear pain, whether in human beings or pets, is very irritating and causes discomfort. So in this condition, your dog will not behave normally. You can relieve the dog by giving him antibiotics or any painkiller. Moreover, the use of ear cleaners will also be beneficial. First, you should try to remove the swelling around the ear. Stop the treatment if it looks better after two to three days.

Ear mites:

Ear mites are the most common and disease-affecting parasites for dogs and cats. These parasites live in the ear of the dogs and feed on the wax of the ear. They can move from infected to a healthy pet. Therefore, try to keep non-infected and infected pets separate. Check the mites in the ear by using an otoscope and if the infection is due to mites, then use a spot-on flea treatment.

Extra ear wax:

Production of extra ear wax can also cause pain and discomfort in the dogs. This wax can produce due to infection inside or mites. To treat such a problem, you need two types of drops.

  1. The one-drop that could break the overflow of wax
  2. The other to treat the cause of the problem

The other cause that may affect the ear is the accidental sticking of anything to the ear, such as sticky burr or grass seed. After the treatment if the problem is still there. Then go to the vet or try to flush out the ear with a water solution.

The best way to clean the dog’s ear:

You can clean the dog’s ear by adopting the following steps.

You will need cotton wool, pet-safe cleaner, and gloves before cleaning the dog’s ear.

Check for the redness, pus, and brown-yellowish wax. If there is any one of these, then concern the vet and avoid the home remedies.

Put the few drops of the cleaner into the ear by lifting the dog’s ear and putting the nozzle into it.

Then massage the cleaner inside the ear by gently shaking the upper skin of the ear.

Then clean the outer part, extra wax, and cleaner from the ear by wrapping cotton around your fingers. Do not put a finger inside the ear too far. It can damage the ear from the inside.

Repeat the same process for the other ear.

Best dog’s ear cleaner in the UK:

In the UK market, many beneficial products are for cleaning the dog’s ear.

Best dog's ear cleaner in the UK

CleanAural dog ear cleaner:

CleanAural dog ear cleaner is the best solution to clean healthy & infected ears. It contains aqua, citric acid, isopropyl alcohol, and L-menthol that softens the accumulated and hard wax and removes the dirt. It is free from staining chemicals and is beneficial for infected ears also. But before use, concern the veterinary doctor and don’t use them without the doctor’s recommendation. Use the medicine by the same process as described above.

Zymox pet ear treatment:

Zymox pet ear treatment is also the best cleaner for a dog’s ear. It is not an antibacterial solution. But it is beneficial to kill the MRSA, Escherichia Coli, streptococcus species, and Proteus mirabilis. It is also helpful to remove fungus infection. It contains an LP3 enzyme system that finishes the infectious organisms. Hydrocortisone reduces ear inflammation and cleans the ear in the best way.

Pet MD dog ear cleaner wipes:

Pet MD dog ear cleaner wipes are for doggies & baby pet dogs less than 12 weeks old.  These wipes have aloe vera and eucalyptus. They clean the ears and provide them freshness. The lactic acid in it maintains the neutral acidity of the skin of canine ears. It is an easy method of cleaning the ears of pets. You can use them twice a week.

VetWELL dogs and cats ear cleaner:

VetWELL dogs and cat’s ear cleaner are best for the prevention against infection and cleaning of debris from the ear. It has aloe vera and has no stinging formula that provides relief from the pain. It is made in the USA and is the best solution for dogs and cats. It has a pleasant odor that keeps the ear canal fresh.

BotaniVet natural ear cleaner:

BotaniVet natural ear cleaner is the best UK product for a dog’s ear. It is free from GMOs, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals. It contains silver that naturally defends against infections. Furthermore, it contains organic oils, including jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, olive, and coconut, that prevent bacteria and yeast growth. It has a berry scent that is a blend of mint oil, lavender, and citrus. It is specifically for the sensitive skin of dogs and for those who are allergic to minor issues.


What is the best dog’s ear cleaner at home?

If the dog’s ears have no infection, in this case, you can clean your pet’s ear with a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar.

Can I put olive oil in the dog’s ears?

Yes, you can. It is the best home remedy if you have no cleaner. The olive oil softens the wax and is beneficial for cleaning the dog’s ear.

What is the natural cleaner for a dog’s ear?

Vinegar is the best if your dog has any yeast or bacterial infection, while alcohol is the best if there is excess wax in its ear.

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