All You Need to Know About Oyster Cards

Are you a Londoner that travels extensively? Do you want to lower your monthly transportation budget? If so, then getting an Oyster card will greatly help you reduce expenses.

What is an Oyster Card?
An Oyster card is really a plastic wise card conceptualized by Transport for London that can be used instead of paper tickets. The use of cash and paper tickets are fast becoming obsolete within the Transport for London system, and the Oyster card is becoming the ideal choice for London travellers.

What are the Advantages of Having an Oyster Card?
In comparison to paper tickets, using an oyster card is a much more convenient and cost effective way to travel. For example, a single ticket flat fare per journey costs £2.40 when you use a paper ticket while single fare paid using an oyster card costs only £1.40. Therefore, you’ll end up paying 62% more when you do not have an Oyster card.

How to Get an Oyster Card?
Now that you’ve seen how cost-effective it is to own an oyster card getting one may be your next objective. In order to obtain an oyster card, you can open an account online. When you go online, you will need to choose your ticket type. The ticket types available are ‘Pay as You Go’, ‘Annual Bus and Tram Pass’, and ‘Travel Card’. You will then get the option of selecting the amount of credit that you want to add your account. If you select the Pay as You Go Ticket Type, the credit ranges between £5 and £50. After you have completed the process, your Oyster card will be mailed to you free of cost via first class mail. If you prefer to have it delivered via registered post, it will cost you an additional £5.65.Oyster Cards

Registering Your Oyster Card-
To guarantee the security and safety of your card in the event that it is lost or stolen, you should have it registered. You can register the card online, or pick up and complete an Oyster Registration form from an Oyster ticket shop, at a London Overground, or Tube station or selected National Rail stations

Where is an Oyster card valid?
Once you own an oyster card, you can use it to travel on buses, trams, the Tube, London Overground, DLR and the National Rail. You can also use your Oyster card to travel on stations north of Moor Park or Hatch End as well as Southern Region Stations. However, it doesn’t apply if you are travelling to or from Grays, Purfleet, Ockendon, or Trafford One Hundred.

What Happens if You Lose your Oyster Card?
Mishaps do happen, regardless of how careful we are. If you’ve lost your Oyster card or it has been stolen, there is no need to be alarmed. All that you should do is make a report about your missing card as quickly as possible. To do so, you may call the Oyster helpline which is open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and they’ll place a seizure on the card, so it cannot be used by anyone else. After this, you have the choice of transferring your credit to a replacement card, or get a replacement card via the post. If you wish to create a report on the operating hours of the Oyster Help Line, you can do so online and order a replacement simultaneously.

To obtain further information about Oyster cards you may call the Transport for London contact phone. They’ll provide all the details you need.

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