7 Secrets to De-Cluttering and Organizing Your Home Entertainment System

Modern home entertainment centers are set up using many cables. Regardless of the size or type of your entertainment center, it is so easy for cables to be bunched and look messy. For most people, no matter how much they try they just end up with a messy home entertainment set up that looks like a fire hazard. If you are among these individuals, then it might be time to take back control of things and organize your center.

Here are seven secrets that will help you achieve that: Disconnect everything and clean up the first secret to a more organized media center is to disconnect everything and clean up. Even if your entertainment center does not look like a rat’s nest, chances are that it is quite dusty. Working in a dirty place is harmful to your health so before you get to organizing, start cleaning.

7 Secrets to De-Cluttering and Organizing Your Home Entertainment System

Switch off power from the main switch connecting the media center then slowly sat disconnecting the cables one by one. Wipe everything clean and ensure you do not spill water into the cable ends or the device ports. Wait until everything dries before you go to the next step. Use the cable endpoints to organize once you are done with the cleaning, lay out all the cables on the floor right in front of the media center so that you can know where each cable belongs.

Even in the most basic set up, one-half of the cables will go to the devices in your entertainment center while the other have will go to an electrical outlet. Start organizing them by endpoint so that you are aware of where each one is heading.

For example, put all your coaxial, HDMI and component cables together. Connect the cords to a power strip at this stage, you do not need to follow an exact order to do it. Nevertheless, for some people, the power cords are the foundation of their set up. If this is the case, it is better to do this early rather than in later stages.

Simply plug everything into the power strip and just lay it all out where the devices are. Connect the cables to their endpoints next, you need to connect everything to its endpoint. It is much easier to begin from the endpoint and then work your way to the devices they belong to. For example, you should begin by connecting your Ethernet cables to your router and HDMI cables to the TV. Ensure you have connected everything else at its destination before proceeding.

As soon as you are done, lay the cables out exactly where the gadgets are. Shorten the length of your cables the reason most cables look cluttered and unsightly after a while is because they are very long. Cables are made to be long so that you can connect them to the different devices easily even when the devices are not so near together.

However, in a typical home entertainment center, everything is all in one place. Therefore, the cables end up remaining with some length even after connecting to the devices. You can shorten the cables such that they are having the exact length between the two points. You can use cable ties, twist ties, or even Velcro to shorten the length of these cables without cutting and damaging them.

Shorter cables are easier to hide away and manage. A bundle of cables together Even when you shorten your cables, they can end up being messy if they are still hanging loose. Hence, it is an excellent idea to wrap together all the cables that are heading in the same direction.

For instance, if you are using three HDMI cables all heading to the television, use a cable tie to bundle them together so that they appear to be one large cable. This is the final step to having a clean and neat entertainment center that is also safe and free of health risks.

This is the time to plug in all your devices and carefully begin to put them back into your entertainment cabinet. You can now begin enjoying you music, movies, TV programs and radio with a peace of mind. You will also have improved the overall neatness of your home.

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