3 Tools for Hotel Review Tracking

As a hotel owner, you understand the importance that online reviews have on your business. Thanks to sites like TripAdvisor, customers have been taking their hotel experiences online and sharing their thoughts with others, both positive and negative. It’s important that hotels track the reviews that are written about their establishments.

This way, they can learn how their customers truly feel about their time spent at the hotel, and this allows the hotel to thank customers who leave positive reviews and apologize to those who left a negative review. Some hotel owners don’t truly know how to monitor what is being said about their hotel without checking out every single review site, and most don’t do this because it is way too time-consuming.

Hotel Review Tracking

But hotel owners don’t have to scour the Internet in search of reviews on their establishment. There are tools that will do it for them. Review Trackers Review Trackers is a software as a service application that will collect any and all online review about your hotel and place them all in one centralized and easy-to-use dashboard.

 This dashboard is both web and mobile friendly, so you and your employees can access the results from anywhere. Review Trackers monitors both popular review sites such as Yelp, Yahoo Local, and Insider Pages, but it also monitors industry-specific sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Through the use of email and text notification, you’ll be notified every time a new review is located so that you can stay on top of what is being said about your hotel.XotelsXotels is another hotel review tracking system that will scour the web in search of reviews on your business.

Like Review Trackers, Hotels searches popular sites like TripAdvisor, and Hotels will also track your competition to see what is being said about them so that you can compare the results.Hotels also provides a service to respond as a follow up to reviews.

This tool will participate in conversations about your company found online, reaching out to those reviewers who leave both positive and negative comments. You can also send the positive reviews directly to your website through their RSS feed.

Reviewer USAReviewPro USA is a web-based tool that allows hotels to manage their online reputation. Reviewer will search the Internet for reviews on your hotel and provide you with analytic reports based on their findings. This tool not only scours popular review sites, but also social media. The analytic reports it provides are based on your hotel as well as your competition.

 Through the tool, you can also deliver automated reports to anyone you choose, comment on reviews, and import and export data. If you have a hotel, it’s important that you monitor what is being said about your brand. Instead of making this a time consuming task on your own, use the help of one of these three tools. Steven Peters is a small business owner.  He likes to give advice to other business owners about hotel review tracking.

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