3 Cool Tech Toys for Kids on Holiday

Family holidays are fantastic; a great opportunity to spend quality time in fantastic settings such as Spain or Lanzarote you can get brilliant offers on the web so you can afford to be together on holiday and create happy memories. That is not to say that they can’t be a little stressful at times, particularly when travelling with younger children. There might be lots of holding out and lengthy flights or connections. And of course once you have arrived, as busy parents you can be forgiven for wanting a little peace and quiet to relax. Thankfully there are some amazing tech toys available that will not only keep the kids occupied, but are learning-based and can help enhance and develop a variety of skills.

Innotab 3
The Innotab 3s is a unique learning tablet that incorporates age-appropriate educational games and enables children to share texts, drawings and photos with friends and parents and allows access to parent approved websites via WiFi. A selection of games featuring popular cartoon characters can be purchased that help to develop spelling, maths, and memory skills, and a further library of over 350 other games can be accessed depending on your child’s age and educational needs. Games are tailored to be suitable for toddlers up to primary school age children. The Innotab comes with a rechargeable battery pack for ease of use, comes in different colours and is easily transportable.Innotab 3

For children learning to read and write, Leapfrog has released an exciting product called the LeapReader. Suitable for the ages of four to eight, this revolutionary interactive learning tool helps children improve their skills in three ways, learning to read, learning to write and learning through listening. Step by step audio guidance assists children in tracing numbers and letters and helps to promote understanding of what they are writing. There are forty books available to upload with various levels of ability to allow your child to progress. The books feature popular children’s characters, and the device itself is lightweight and easy to carry with you.

For older children, the Kindle remains a popular choice whilst on holiday. Using this device you can upload almost any e-book in the world whether educational or recreational, is lightweight and simple to hold with you. The second addition Paperwhite allows dictionary and thesaurus access, as well as Wikipedia, using 3G technology. This allows users to check up any words or subjects they are unsure of. The LCD lighting allows for bedtime reading without causing eyestrain.
Most of these devices are available at extremely affordable prices, and with the standard of technology already available today, can aid in the preparation of children’s future needs.

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