Laptops – When to Repair and When to Replace

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The home computing world has been fast-moving for decades, with newer and better products available at a pace that is increasingly challenging for the average consumer to keep up with. However, it was not until relatively recently that it these newer and better products were generally within easy financial reach of the average consumer – especially in the realm of laptop computers.

With so many quality, affordable laptops available, the impulse to replace a machine with even mild problems is understandable. However, sometimes it still makes more sense to repair an ailing laptop than to invest in another machine. These are some of the cases in which repair is generally preferable to replacement detailed by CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol who offer full laptop repairs and data recovery services should you lose data from an old laptop.

Laptops - When to Repair and When to Replace

Software issues

Usually, even if an operating system goes completely on the fritz, there is still a solid, functional machine underneath it all that is worth salvaging. Software repairs, which do not require having to take apart the computer in any capacity, are generally less difficult and costly than major hardware repairs.

Sluggish performance

There are times in which software tweaks can solve performance issues, and sometimes these tweaks can be as simple as changing operating system settings, cleaning out unneeded files or uninstalling unnecessary software. Even if hardware upgrades are needed, adding more RAM to a laptop is a simple and inexpensive process.

Minor part replacements

Even with average use, laptop computers can and will need minor repairs and part replacements during their lifetime. A failing power jack or bad USB port should not necessitate a whole new computer, as these parts can be easily repaired or replaced. Even a laptop keyboard is commonly simple to replace.

In these instances, a laptop repair is a better option than replacement. However, there are some times in which it is worthwhile to shell out for a replacement machine.

Elderly laptops

When a laptop is more than five years in age, even minor repairs become futile investments, especially repairs with higher price tags. At that point, it is time to consider a new laptop. Even computers that or three or four years old are a bit aged for more expensive repairs. In terms of functionality, users with modern needs will generally want to replace their laptops around this point, anyway.

Major part replacements

A power jack is one thing, but a motherboard or LCD monitor is quite another. Unless it is a newer laptop and the parts would be cheaper than a new computer, part replacements that would be similar in price, or more expensive, than a replacement laptop is the answer. Make sure to correctly diagnose the problem, as sometimes smaller repairs can fix seemingly larger problems.

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